Saturday, 20 November 2010

Dead Good Show

Appearing at the XXII Sants Fantasy and Horror Marathon - the Altar Of The Mexican Dead.

The barrio of Sants might not be Poble-sec, but it's pretty close, and unlike Poble-sec, it has a yearly horror and fantasy film festival and competition, which I finally managed to attend this week after years of promising myself I'd do so.

Over 100 shorts were shown at the 22nd Sants Fantasy And Horror Film Marathon,  from Monday to Saturday night, with a raucous audience of well, mainly spotty young men with issues around the opposite sex, as you might expect. As well as the usual stalls of gore-related merchandise and a cheap bar, there was a very interesting series of Mexican altars, commemorating the 100th anniversary of that country's revolution, and as you can see, I took a few photos. You can find out more about the project they are part of here.

The following are some of the best of a very mixed bunch of movies I watched on Wednesday and Saturday nights. 

KORSCHA (Link to trailer)
Dir. Manuel Pérez. Barcelona. 12 min. The perils of cocaine and music boxes when you have  a dead body in the boot of your car.     
IKER JIMENO vs LOS SUPERTARADOS (Link to full movie)
Dir. Ruben Grandos. Sant Llorenç Savall (Barcelona). 12.3 min. A very broad send up of psychic investigators, based on the exploits of Iker Jimenez, self-styled Journalist Of The Unknown

Dir. Telmo Esnal. Donostia (Guipúscoa). 9 min. A wry and very funny commentary on modern parenting from the Basque Country - watch the full movie with English subtitles, below.

LA MADRE (Link to promotional site)

Dir. Alberto Evangelio. Madrid. 6 min. Highly disturbing essay on how things can go very, very wrong when you're a busy mum - and how the media can turn you into a monster.

MACHETAZO (Link to promotional site)
Dir. Iván Ledesma. Madrid. 10 min. Slick, knowing commentary on cool gangster movies, with the protagonists debating the best crime movie ever, whilst engaged in their own nefarious activities. 

GPS (Link to the Making Of video)
Dir. Diego Sanchidrián. Madrid. 8 min. Funny, albeit rather smug treatise on the (potential) effects of modern technology on copping off.

ANOREXIA (Link to full movie)
Dir. K.Prada, J.Prada. Madrid. 3.3 min. A Spanish J-Horror homage. Dodgy acting but pretty creepy, nevertheless. Reputed to feature a member of the [REC] cast. 

Dir. James J. Wilson. Mallorca. 4.3 min. Another J-Horror-influenced piece (what DID they do for plots before the Internet and mobile phones?) and not bad at all for all that.


Dir. J. Oskura Nájera. Barcelona. 9 min. Intensely silly movie about horror fan boys, by fan boys and for fan boys. 

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