Saturday, 25 July 2009

Whole Lotta Luve.TV

                             Strummin' Steve Forster on the Salto stage during Poble Sec's Festa 

Back when we first arrived in Poble Sec, over 4 years ago, one of the few good places to go out for a drink was Bodega Salto, an amazing cavern of found object art, knowing kitsch and remains of a bygone age. It's full of self-described freaks, one of the most prominent is Steve Forster - barman, artist, musician - and the bar's designer and artistic director. I'll be writing more about Salto when I do a round up of local watering holes during a later post. Meanwhile, here are a few snaps I took of Steve's band - Luve.TV - last night as they performed outside the bar to a baying mob of fans. Enjoy.

"Don't whistle - I'm really a fella!" Edu the lead singer was heard to say to the audience at the start of the performance.

The band change their style and line up all the time. 

Tonight they played intense, psychedelic songs and made do without a drummer.

(left) An appreciative audience of Salto regulars   (right) This young lady jumped up on  stage and aimed a pistol at the next band's lead singer - this is the sort of performance art of which I heartily approve.

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