Wednesday, 19 May 2010

All The News That's Unfit To Print

On a day that sees the possible meltdown of the Eurozone, the crushing of the Red Shirt protesters in Thailand, increased threats to bomb the bejesus out of Iran and  - worst of all -  the invasion of Atletico Madrid  fans here in the sacred earth of el Poble-sec, the time seems ripe to update y'all on what has been going down in the barri. After all, it may be my last chance before the lights go out all over Europe.

First up, work of some description has re-started on the Plaça Navas, after a three-year hiatus first due to the discovery of a Civil War era air raid shelter, then the bankruptcy of the constructor. The opening of the remodeled square and its underground carpark is slated for December 2011. We bring you the following (belated) report from our good friends at BTV, Barcelona's premier news source:

In more important news, it appears that some information on this site is out of date and needs correcting. One reader helpfully pointed out that Tapíoles 53 has ceased opening for lunchtime menu de días. If you wish to sample the fare of this garden of earthly delights you will now have to dig deep and dine after dusk.

In better news for gourmands in the area, Luki has now started opening on a Sunday night until 12, and I strongly suggest you check out this great new-ish addition to the Poble-sec scene - after reading my  blog posting first, of course. 

In sports news, U E Poble-sec (latest chant - "Poble-sec - es un tsunami!) won an exciting match against Gimnastica Iberiana and as of the time of writing are fairly clear of the relegation zone with only a few more matches to play. Check out their current status yourself - if you can be bothered by following this link and choosing Primera Catalana from the drop-down menu. 

In related news, bitter recriminations are mounting against the local sports facility authority due to vast hikes in the fees being charged to local sports associations. So now we know how they could afford the half a million Euro astroturfing of La Satàlia - U E Poble-sec's home ground.

And in a late breaking story, we hear that the Red Shirt leaders in Thailand have given themselves up to the authorities. Let the show trials and executions begin...

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