Tuesday, 28 July 2009

What The Foc? Hell Comes To The Barri

They are the diables, horned performers rampaging through the neighbourhood, spraying fire to terrify, deafen and delight in equal measure. The event is the correfoc (fire run) and it is was a climatic act to the Festa Major this Saturday. 

Unusually for Poble Sec, this year's occasion was pretty grand, with easily over one hundred devils, drummers and associated hangers-on taking well over an hour to get from the starting point to our vantage point, between the Cevercería Jazz, and La Tomaquera, at the junction of Margarit and Magalhäes.

The Correfoc begins, as photographers fight for space.

There's always one nutter. Unless it's Spain where pretty much everyone (this photographer included) is prepared to get singed in order to join in the fun. For added frisson, strip down to your undies. 

A demon looks on.

Singin' In The Rain - of liquid fire.

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