Friday, 2 October 2009

Have Mercè

Fireworks on Monjüic bring La Mercè to a close 27th September 2009.

Every town has one. And Barcelona, of course, has to go one better and have two patron saints. Ours are Mary The Merciful and Saint Eulalia, the former of which has just enjoyed her highly popular yearly festival - La Mercè. 

Like many Catholic festivals in Spain, it has a pagan, almost Dionysian feel. And like all Catalan celebrations, it is a yet another excuse for an outburst of flag-waving, gigantscaps grosses, dracs and correfocs, with which even the casual reader of this blog will now be familiar.

This year, we enjoyed everything from dissident Chinese rock music to a wise-cracking robot, kids' street theatre, rag-time jazz and delicious Asian food. The climax as ever was window-rattling firework display, the finale of which you can squint at on the tiny movie below. 

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