Thursday, 23 July 2009

Bienvenguts al Barri!

Or welcome to the neighbourhood for those non-Catalan speakers out there. It seems like a fitting time to start blogging about Poble Sec - in my opinion the best spot to live in Barcelona - right slap bang in the middle of our Festa Major. 

The two figures  - gegants - pictured above represent Poble Sec on street parades and are duly dusted off for the Festa Major, too. They represent the Barri's past as a centre for gaudy theatre extravaganzas and saucier entertainment. The showgirl always goes first in any parade, followed by her older, greying (and presumably  married) admirer, who carries a huge string of pearls as a symbol of his - er - esteem.

They're very relevant to the area still, as a lot of naughtiness still goes on in Poble Sec, and this blog is where it might just get a mention. 

One spot in the barri that will definitely get name-checked is La Fontaine, my (or should I say 'our', as my wife insists on checking up on me all the time) second home. Run by our great mate Stuart McKenna, it is a focus for many of the more interesting characters that haunt Poble Sec.

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