Thursday, 3 December 2009

Poble Sec 2 - Gramenet 1

Gramenet B in day-glo orange tackle El Sec in blue and white.

It turned out to be the first day of winter, when U E Poble Sec delivered their 6th win in the 13th week of the season - this time against Gramenet. We sat huddled on the crumbling terraces  in the drizzle when the player our president - Pedro Venero  - said we "didn't deserve" scored first a penalty in the dying seconds of the first half, followed by a straight shot on goal in the 73rd. 

Off the pitch drama was provided by a gobby group of lads sneaking into ground from further up Montjüic in order to boo the home team and chuck a football at the ref. There was also very nearly a punch-up for some reason after the final whistle, plus a lot of stick for the female linesman (lineswoman, surely?), who made a few bad decisions due to her lack of a penis, one assumes.

The following is a summary of the match lifted straight from El Punt's website, but the photos are all my own (for a change). The next home match is on Sunday 13th December at 12.00 vs. Igualada - currently 5th. Can we continue our Rumanian-fueled rampage up the table? Join us and find out. Admission is a hefty €10 - but beers go for €1.50 each. 

'Radu'  - the player we don't deserve, apparently. 

Carulla, Vicente, Vasco (Txoro, 45'), Xavi, Nando, Erik, Navíl (Frank, 60'), Marc Ribas, Raducanu, Jaco (Chanev, 82') and Marcel.

Pastor, Cantó, Ortega, Santos, Gerard, Marcel, Carlitos, Álex (David Suárez, 59'), Ferran Alabau, Marc Arias (Pol Andreu, 75') i Santolalla (Vila, 75')

GOALS: 1-0 (45') Raducanu, penalty. 1-1 (60') Santolalla. 2-1 (73') Raducanu.
REF: Molinos Fernández.
Home side: Vasco, Carulla, Navíl and Jaco;  Away side: Pastor, Cantó, Marcel and Arias.
Home side: Erik (90');  Away side: Suárez.