Monday, 28 September 2009

La Fontaine

Juan pours wine whilst Stuart's hummus & poppadums take centre stage.

A great place for a drink or a meal, "La Fontaine" on the 
corner of c. de la Franca Xica 20 and c. Concordia 45, has a 
distinctive red decor (partially painted by my own fair 
hands) adorned with some striking modern art - all for 
sale, of course. And when Stuart or right-hand-man Juan 
put on the play list we sorted out for their i-Pod, the 
music's pretty good, too.

The food options are highly eclectic, and kick off with 
hummus, filo pastry parcels and various salads, plus some 
sensational soups, then progress to dishes as varied as 
tagines, curries and Chinese noodles. Deserts are good, 
but crowned by an exemplary interpretation of cheesecake.
Average spend is about €15 - 25 per head, and the wine 
selection is also great.

If you just turn up for a drink (and we generally do) there's 
a good friendly atmosphere, presided over by Stuart and 
Juan - the Hinge & Bracket of Poble Sec. Feel free to join 
in with the ceaseless comic bickering if you think you can 
keep up. La Fontaine is open every day from 1.30ish till
late and they take bookings on 934 433 523.

Below are a few tasty morsels from the Fontaine's tiny 
kitchen, plus an interview with the man himself.

Figs with creme 

Goats cheese in filo 
pastry with salad.

People You Need To Know #1 - Stuart McKenna

As promised long ago, here are the words of wisdom from 
our good friend Stu. It's not so much an interview as a 
musing on life in Poble Sec. Enjoy.


  1. Where can I get a 'Stuart's commments' ring tone?

  2. Which comment would you like? I'm sure we could come to some sort of arrangement