Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Tancat! ¡Cerrado! Closed!

Yes it's the August holiday season in Spain and almost anyone who can afford to do so has boarded up their shop, loaded up the car, set the dog loose to starve in the streets and zipped off to join their neighbours to fight for a few square centimetres of any-hotter-and-it-would-be-liquid-glass sand and swim amongst the shoals of sanitary napkins and used condoms.

As you may have guessed, me and Mrs High & Dry eschew such excursions in favour of staying to roast at home. And since Mrs HD has also broken her wrist whilst forgetting her age, anywhere sandy is doubly out at the moment, and we are marooned in Poble Sec.

A great advantage of not leaving the barri in August is the sense of comaraderie amongst the dwindling band of stayers. Together we wander the streets looking for open shops and - more importantly - bars. Although Poble Sec has hundreds of them, ranging to from the the humble local to kitsch designer salons, many close for at least part of the month. One of my tasks on this blog will be to try and critique every last one of them - a Hurclean task, much like Wowbagger, the Infinitely Prolonged's mission to insult every being in the universe - in alphabetical order. (Note to non-readers of The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy: follow the link). 

Can Margarit - great rabbit, apparently. Run by a nice bunch of very butch gay guys of a certain age, we never eat there because they refuse to serve alioli - garlic mayonnaise. Closed.

Sifò Xico - a smashing, trendy-looking bar-restaurant which serves Catalan classics and also has a nice line in bugers, and excellent wine. Closed.

Sortidor - located on the pleasant Poble Sec plaza of the same name. It used to just serve lunch-time menus at a very reasonable price, specialising in Piedmontese cuisine - as well as opening on Thursday nights to serve cous-cous during poetry readings. Now it opens in the evening - but not during August. Closed.

La Tomaquera. Brusque-but-friendly staff, no air-con and thus a "welcome to Hell" sign for the summer months. Great Catalan classics and quail's eggs as a free entre.  Specialises in snails. Closed.

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  1. Thanks for this - you have as many closed shops as little old Wokingham. Unfortunately ours won't open after the summer break.
    Enjoy the bar research, and pl. keep Mrs. H/D up to her age! From "31"